Pacheco's Hammer & Roller Training Technique

Many people in this world do the same thing, but there are those who do it better and stand out from the crowd  becoming  pioneers and champions in their arena and that is the case with Sergio  "The Zoneman" Pacheco.


Since the early eighties, Pacheco started developing his own training techniques which he applied to successfully become  the 1989 and 1991 USA Bodybuilding Champion and consultant to GNC.

One of his secrets which is a trade people follow today at his gym, is the hammer and roller technique. This practice consists of massaging the big muscle groups with a roller in between sets and the small muscles with the hammer to avoid the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles which is the main cause of pain and slow recuperation and also allows for maximum blood flow therefore delivering more oxygen to the area that is being exercised.

Clients of the gym experience a more productive workout without the excruciating pain after several sets and a faster recovering cycle.

This and many other practices combined with his diet and supplementation secrets, make him the go to guy for those looking to succeed in their fitness goals.

Sergio Pacheco has been the trainer of choice for many star athletes and famous personalities for three decades, making him an icon of the industry and a beloved member of the fitness community in the South Florida area.